This series of drawings is inspired by the endless colors worn by rare birds.


Made in Costa Rica in the heart of the forest, the colors and the paper are mixed, sculpted, and crumpled by hand.
Each drawings is left on the ground, in the middle of the birds singing. They are left under the rain of the tropical forest that diffuse the colors on the papers


Birds in tropical countries are essential, their songs accompany everyday life at every hour of the day. Their conversations surprise and fascinate.
They are essential to the survival of forests because they allow the propagation of the seeds subtly put at their disposal by the ingenious trees and flowers.


The reduction of large natural spaces endangers their survival, and therefore endangers directly the forest because of their complementarity.


Each drawing becomes the reflection of an instant at their sides, fragile and colorful like a flapping of wings, the pigments wither in the rain which seals their furtive colors.
As in those aerial ballets that we observe we humans on earth: the shimmering and dynamic colors of their feathers blend in the air, catching our gaze which can never follow them very far.


The Birds
Pigment – Rain – Watercolor
Recycled paper from Costa Rica
105 cm x 70 cm


Credits Regis Colin Berthelier