33 Trees

This work is a series of 33 drawings.

These 33 trunks represent the number of trees cut down every second in the world when the artist started this research.

This work was born from the desire to restore pieces of paper to their original appearance.

With the drawings, the sheets of paper are back to the appearance of the tree trunks that allowed them to exist.

«There is this desire to give birth again to the trees crushed to make our paper sheets. Those trees are present in each of our sheets and yet invisible to our eyes. There is this idea of being able to recreate what no longer exist, a talent that humans deplore, and that nature seems to master so well.”

Each tree bears the name of a loved ones who has passed away.

33 Trees
Graphite – Japanese papers Gambi, Honsarachi, Kozo, Misumi, Shin Imbe, Honsarachi
170 cm x 42cm
350 cm x 42cm

Crédits photo Adrien Thibaut