There is many sacred forests on Earth, cradles of legends, beliefs, and historical events, many civilizations roots their origins in those magical and natural places.

This work is an archaeology of the future, if the forests were to disappear, what would we keep?

How could we preserve a piece of these stories, a trace of these trees where spirits, kings and legends live?

This work is also an observation of all the elements that make a piece of wood: mushrooms, carbon dioxide, mosses,…

All these essential elements that make up our trees and forests are here perceptible and frozen in time forever.

From each piece of wood, under the pressure of the resin, emanates a color.
This mystical halo of bright and sharp color comes from the moisture contained in lichen. This fungus has been present on earth for 500 million years and covers 6% of the earth’s surface.

Usually invisible to the naked eye, carbon dioxide trapped in wood causes silvery traces to appear.

2018 – 2021
Resin – Oak
60cm x 20 cm x 15cm
8 sculptures

Number 1 : Piece of oak from the forest of Paimpont, known as the legendary Broceliande forest imagined by Chrétien de Troyes.

Credits photo Adrien Thibaut