The Hive is a permanent installation created for the GoodPlanet Foundation and commissioned by Yann Arthus Bertrand.

The Monolith is sixteen meters high and made-up of 54 000 cells of semi- transparent and colored resin.

Thanks to the evolving light that emanates from inside the hive and the accompanying soundtrack, this sculpture offers a sensory experience. The light and sound tell a universal story: the life of a beehive over 4 seasons, from winter to summer, with its hibernation phase, its spring awakening, until pollination and its decline.

«This visual and sound show coupled with the unusual scale of the Hive places you, the spectators, as if you were bees yourself.”
This immersive work evokes the functioning of the bee cycle and the problem of their disappearance for our ecosystem.

The objective of this work is to raise public awareness about the role of bees in pollination.

The Hive
Steel – Resin – Pigment
16 x 2 x 2 meters
GoodPlanet Foundation Permanent Collection

Credits Photo Adrien Thibaut