Canopy mapping is a research about one of the highest frontier we know between our ground and the sky : the Canopy


This aerial line formed by the tops of the largest trees rises to more than 30 meters above the ground and is home to more than 80% of the forest’s biodiversity.


The canopies are very high for humans, and they are rich in extraordinary populations: flowers, animals, insects, foliage…


We do not clearly discern the boundaries between a leaf and its branch, an animal, and a plant.


It is the same problem if we observe it from very high, its density does not allow us to distinguish the physical limits between its various inhabitants, between the colors, and the forms. Everything mixes with our underperforming vision.


Yet this perched world hides many mysteries, if the flowers of the trees escape us, invisible to men, they do attract birds, insects, and animals to the highest branches of the world.


These flowers diffuse their pollens, their perfumes, for the simple purpose of perpetuating life.


Insects see these flowers in a very different way from ours: their vision allows them to perceive the spectrum of Ultraviolet rays.


They perceive these flowers as fluorescent marks, they are signals with very distinct borders in the infinite abundance of the forest.


Jungle I – Canopy Mapping
Paper- Ink – Pigment
63 x 49 cm each
Vision: Daylight – Black Light (UV)