A bird flying is a spectacle of rare beauty.

The outstretched wings, their incredible feathers and their delicate constitutions always leave the spectator full of admiration and thoughtful.


When the birds soar, it’s hard to follow them with our eyes, their rapid wing beats slice through the air, and everything mixes up. Their movements, their settings, nothing has a defined limit.



This ocean of colors has its own precision, each shade has is meant to be, each bird has its colors, for very specific reasons, from defense to seduction.


Each canvas translates here the colors of a species of bird and their movements, what would remain in front of our eyes, if each beating of the wings remained imprinted in front of us for some time….


This work is the continuity of the series of drawings The Birds.
Each canvas is made outdoors and left in the rain, each canvas takes the colors of a species of birds crossed by the artist and observed for some time, before they vanish in the air.


Canvas – Pigment – rainwater
127 x 97 cm
120 x 85 cm
Open Serie


Credits photo Regis Colin Berthelier