Mycorrhiza is a fantasized forest to think about the phenomena of symbiosis between fungi and plants.

The mycorrhizal network is comparable to a plant Internet or to a collective brain thanks to which trees and plants communicate and interact.

It alone links all the trees in a forest through millions of kilometers of microscopic connections woven between roots and fungi. It allows trees and forests to grow, communicate, protect and heal themselves.

When you discover the existence of this network, the forest takes a whole new dimension.

Isolated beings emerged from the ground such as trees or plants become a complex, almost magical underground network inhabited by a population with an unsuspected existence.

What are the forms of this root network, and what would we see if we were at its scale? What faces, what messages are hidden in those natural drawings dictated by nature.
This research is also a work around pareidolia: a psychological phenomenon, which consists in identifying a familiar shape in a landscape, or other elements such as clouds.
The artist experiences this phenomenon on a daily basis with all the things that surround her, landscapes, woods, stone, forests, each material or place is a new universe.
The veins of the marble are thousand-year-old designs created by earth and buried under the ground.
These pieces are installed like a forest of 16 columns of different sizes, and they invite the spectator to move around to change their point of view as much as possible.
By moving around, symmetrical reflections and optical effects occurs, and according to their position, according to their personal interpretation, everyone will see abstract shapes, insects, faces, sketches …
The field of visual possibilities is infinite and its observations tinged with psychedelia.

Credits Diane Arques

Brescia Capraia Marble – Glass

16 sculptures
120 x 21 x 21cm
45 x 21 x 21 cm